Zoë Berry – Creating Motifs

In this workshop, I will share with you my approach to designing phrases of movement. We will work step by step through the process of creating a combination.  In doing so we will explore musicality, layering and dynamics.

We will consider creative ways to vary, adapt and dynamically change combinations to create motifs which can form the thread, tell the story and bring cohesiveness to you improvisation or choreography.

Feel free to bring your own track and work on creating something individually during the workshop (bring music and headphones) or you can work through the process in small groups to music of my choice. Either way, you’ll walk away with something you can add to your dance repertoire.

Come to this workshop ready to create!

For intermediate to advanced dancers.

Zoë Berry
Zoë Berry

Zoë has been exploring bellydance since 2002 and remains drawn to the strength, beauty and musicality of this dance form, in all its genres. Zoë has a particular (healthy) obsession with Tribal Fusion Bellydance.

Zoë’s dance journey started in Canberra with Angelina of Sahira Bellydance where she was lured by the beauty and femininity of Oriental and Egyptian styles. There are glimpses of Zoe’s original dance roots in her approach to tribal fusion. She enjoys blending strong, subtle and creative tribal fusion technique with oriental flair.

Zoë is currently teaching classes and workshops in the Newcastle region through Bahirah Bellydance and is a member of Bahirah Bellydance Collective. She continually pursues opportunities to learn from those that inspire her locally, nationally and abroad.  Learning from Kami Liddle and Zoe Jakes in paradisiacal Hawaii has been one highlight in Zoë’s dance education.