Cristie Fuller – Everything but the Turnstile: Turning the Wheel for ATS and Group Work

In this workshop we will learn some fun and complex moves, techniques for moving with them and then dance with each other. We will connect to our fellow dancers while moving and spinning in formation, communicate without words and create dynamic dance together, on the spot!

This workshop will suit dancers from all genres interested in group work or beautiful, interesting moves and concepts.

Cristie spinning
Cristie Fuller

Cristie Fuller has been a passionate American Tribal Style dancer since 2002 under the tuition of Devi Mamak and is a member the professional troupe, Ghawazi Caravan.

Along with intensive training and performing with Devi, Cristie has studied with Carolena Nerricio almost yearly since 2003 including traveling to the Fat Chance Belly Dance studio, San Fransisco in 2004 and completing the General Skills Certificate with Carolena in 2007. She has taken workshops with Jill Parker, Paulette Rees-Denis of Gypsy Caravan, Rachel Brice, and many other local and international dancers.

Cristie has performed extensively, loving to dance at both small parties and large events such as festivals and stage shows.

Cristie teaches ATS and Fusion at Amera’s Palace Marrickville on Monday nights and directs the troupe, ‘Oreades Tribal Bellydance’, a sister-student troupe of Ghawazi Caravan.

After taking part in Devi Mamak’s teacher training program in 2008/09, and 2013, she is a relief teacher of Devi’s regular classes as well as conducting workshops at festivals such as the Playground Weekender music festival and guest teaching for a term for Hips Don’t Lie Academy of Bellydance and Nepean Community College.  Her teaching focus is clear, concise break down of moves, prioritising technique and posture and how they relate to group improvisation and sharing the excitement and fun of dancing.