Ma’isah – “Le Serpent Rouge” Elysium Veil dance

The liquid grace of the veil meets the warrior-dancer in the Elysium fusion veil choreography ‘Le Serpent Rouge’.  This is not your average veil dance; expect a juxtaposition of powerful and elegance dance together with dramatic lines and delicate softness.

The Elysium format is now taught in Australia and the USA and is growing as a cued or choreography tool for fusion dancers with a dark twist, and in ‘Le Serpent Rouge’ you will learn this unique choreography that can be taken to the stage or inspire your journey into Elysium and fusion belly dance with a veil.


Ma’isah is an innovative fusion dancer, creating her own dark fusion/tribal inspired format, ‘Elysium: Dark fusion dance for the ethereal soul,’ as well as the annual community group performance projects ‘PseudoSkirt’ and ‘ShimmySkirt’ ‘ Habibiti Albi’ and ‘Dark Djinn’ that involve over 100 dancers each year in performances at major dance events across Australia. She is a featured performer and instructor at major events and festivals annually and sought out for her warm and comprehensive teaching style and emotive solo and group performances. Her Elysium format uses key principals of ATS and tribal fusion influences together with her Egyptian dance foundation and her love of gothic, ethereal and neo-classical music to create a spellbinding and ethereal dark fusion format with a deep, connected and spiritual core that enchants audiences and enriches dancers. Elysium is taught in both Melbourne VIC and Perth WA and online. Ma’isah is also the Vice-President of the OMEDA committee (The Organisation of Middle Eastern Dance in Australia).  She is actively involved in supporting belly dance across Australia and constantly looking for more ways to uphold and champion the integrity of all forms of Middle Eastern Dance and its fusions.